How to Evaluate Breast Augmentation Surgeons Through Their Before & After Photos

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is an extremely personal one that will inevitably impact all aspects of your life. As such, finding the right plastic surgeon to perform your breast implant placement surgery is an important step to achieving your long-term figure. During this search, you’ll doubtlessly be scouring the internet for tips and tricks to finding a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. 

While reading about a specialist’s credentials and residencies can give you a good idea as to their expertise, it’s just as important to take a look at their before and after photos. Galleries of former patients can uncover a wealth of information, provided you know where to look. We’ll teach you how to gather essential clues from the before and after galleries of prospective breast surgeons.  

Look for Variety

Skilled plastic surgeons are highly capable physicians that are experienced in adapting advanced procedures like breast augmentation to enhance a variety of figures. When evaluating a breast augmentation gallery, look at the patients, specifically looking for variety. Are they all and slim or do you see women of every shape and size? Too little diversity in body types could be a sign that a plastic surgeon is only comfortable in providing implants to certain figures.

Evaluate for Results

While you’re evaluating body type, take a moment to consider the results. As no two bodies are the exact same, you’ll want to find a surgeon who has experience in providing symmetrical, proportional looking breast augmentation results. Key elements to spot are the symmetry of the breasts and of the nipples.  

Additionally, pay close attention to the overall results – do the implants look like a natural fit on the woman’s body? Or do they look too large for her overall size? Most women prefer a natural-looking implant. Knowing if your surgeon tends to advocate for larger implants can help you determine whether they’ll be a valuable partner during the surgical process. 

When it comes to the results, only one question really matters. Would you be happy if these were your results? 

Ask About the Conditions

In some instances, breast augmentation may be a reconstructive procedure, repairing damage or deformities of the breasts. For these individuals, finding the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation also requires finding a specialist with expertise in performing more complex implant placements. When exploring the surgeon’s portfolio of patients, look for before and after case studies that indicate a pre-existing condition such as mastectomy or capsular contracture and look closely at the results. Do the final implants look natural? Are they symmetrical? Is scarring hidden or is it noticeable? 

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