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If you’re accustomed to having well-meaning family members and friends ask you things like, “Have you been feeling OK lately? You look worn out,” and people often assume you are fatigued or upset even when you feel perfectly fine, it may be because a sagging and deeply furrowed brow is silently conveying the message that you’re unhappy or angry – no matter how friendly and approachable your demeanor is.

The primary problem with an aging forehead is the effect it has on our facial expressions. Deep furrows between your eyebrows, or eyebrows that have begun to sag because of gravity, can make us look like we are frowning, even when we’re feeling happy and relaxed. Brow lift surgery is a popular technique for reversing these undesirable signs of aging and helping restore a brighter, more open, and naturally refreshed appearance.

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What Is a Surgical Brow Lift?

At rest, a youthful brow sits above the upper rim of the eye socket, or orbital bone. As we age, however, we lose the skin elasticity we took for granted when we were younger. As a result, repetitive motions such as frowning begin to leave a noticeable mark on our faces.

For many people, the brow area often begins to flatten from fat and volume loss, causing a deflated appearance, causing droopy eyelids, deeply etched forehead creases, and wrinkles between the brows.

If drooping brows have changed your facial expression, a brow lift is a straightforward surgery to smooth the skinand reposition the underlying muscles to rejuvenate the upper third of your face. Our skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Gerth, often recommends brow lift surgery to reverse the effects of time and gravity and provide life-improving results to both male and female patients. He may also choose to perform fat transfer to restore volume lost through aging, which will enhance the surgical result and deliver a more natural appearance.

Who Should Consider Getting a Brow Lift?

The best candidates for brow lift surgery are nonsmokers in excellent overall health whose lowered eyebrow position and significant brow furrows have made their eyes look hooded or created a perpetually sad, worried, or grumpy appearance.

The best way to determine if you are qualified for a brow lift is to schedule a confidential, in-person evaluation with a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Gerth. However, you may wish to start by performing an easy at-home test to help you decide if you are ready to consider a brow lift:

  • Look straight into a mirror, being sure to keep your facial expression neutral and avoid inadvertently raising your eyebrows.
  • Using the index and middle fingers on both hands, gently lift your forehead skin up toward your scalp.
  • As you do so, carefully observe your eyes. If the creases of your upper eyelids become more visible as you raise your forehead skin, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift.

When you meet with Dr. Gerth, be sure to tell him about any pre-existing medical conditions that could preclude your ability to undergo surgery successfully. He may recommend non-invasive options instead.

Can You Combine a Brow Lift With Other Procedures?

Yes, it is quite common for patients to choose other surgeries at the same time as a brow lift. For example, since a forehead lift will not significantly improve sagging upper or lower eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes, you may also decide to get an eyelid lift alongside your brow lift for even better results. Or, you may wish for a facelift or cosmetic injections to address lost volume and wrinkling in the mid-face area and around the chin and jawline. Dr. Gerth can help you choose what combination is right for you.

Recovering From a Brow Lift

Brow lift surgery is an outpatient procedure performed while you are under anesthesia. You’ll need to make sure someone you trust is available to drive you home from surgery and stay with you the first night to make sure you are safe and resting comfortably.

The duration of surgery and the length of your recovery time will depend on whether you are undergoing a brow lift as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other surgeries.

Patients usually report minimal pain after a brow lift, but it is common to feel minor discomfort and tightness throughout the forehead. Using ice packs and sleeping with your head elevated for the first week can both minimize your discomfort and shorten your recovery time. Swelling and bruising are

most common during the first 10 days or so after surgery and are mostly resolved after about two weeks. Most patients can return to work within a week if their job does not require much physical activity and can resume strenuous exercise after two to four weeks, as directed by Dr. Gerth.

We will send you home with specific post-operative instructions to follow to make sure you are properly caring for your incision sites, and that you will return for follow-up appointments as scheduled. Adhering to these instructions is essential to the success of your surgery.

What Results Can You Expect From a Brow Lift?

When you choose our experienced, triple-specialty trained cosmetic surgeon for your brow lift, you can expect to enjoy the results for many years. However, medical science has yet to discover a method for stopping the normal aging process entirely, and eventually your forehead tissues will begin to shift back downward with time and gravity.

There are still numerous things you can do to keep your results looking their best. Drink plenty of water, eat a nutritious diet, and make sure you are getting at least eight hours of quality sleep per night. Wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from damaging UV rays, and avoid smoking and secondhand smoke. These simple steps will help keep your body and skin healthy and rejuvenated.

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Achieving attractive, natural-looking results with brow lift procedures requires a cosmetic surgeon with both thorough training in facial anatomy and a finely trained eye for artistic detail. Dr. Gerth is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who is bringing his extensive educational background to benefit patients throughout the greater Miami Beach area. If you are considering a brow lift procedure so your facial expression no longer sends the wrong signals about you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation and determine if this surgery is best to help you achieve a younger and happier appearance.

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