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Feeling uncomfortable with the most intimate part of your body can affect every aspect of your life. If your labia has been elongated by childbirth, aging, or a congenital defect, you may experience pain during exercise, sexual intercourse, and even normal activities like walking or sitting. You may also worry about how your appearance will affect your romantic relationships. Labiaplasty, a highly specialized procedure that reduces the protrusion of the labia, can help you overcome these issues and lead a fuller, more enjoyable life.

We understand that talking about your private discomfort can be difficult. Dr. David Gerth therefore strives to provide supportive, confidential care to all of his labiaplasty patients in Miami Beach. If you’re ready to improve your vaginal health, feel free to contact us at (305) 493-8340 to discuss your options.

What is Labiaplasty?

Sometimes, the inner lips of the labia (the labia minora) become stretched over time as a result of multiple childbirths or age-related collagen loss. More rarely, women develop unusually long inner labial folds for genetic reasons. Labiaplasty corrects this elongation by removing excess tissue from the labia minora to reduce their size.

Though there is a widespread misconception that labiaplasty is performed primarily for cosmetic reasons, most of our patients turn to this procedure to improve their physical comfort. The inner folds of the labia are comprised of very sensitive, delicate tissue, so without the protection of the labia majora (the hair-covered outer folds of the labia), they’re prone to chafing, irritation, and infection. Shortening the labia minora so that they rest within the labia majora is the only way to permanently treat and prevent these problems.

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How Labiaplasty is Performed at Our Clinic in Boca Raton

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that can be performed while you’re under sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on your preference. During your labiaplasty, Dr. Gerth will carefully trim excess tissue from your labia minora, then reconstruct your labial folds to allow for optimum comfort in all situations. When your procedure is complete, he will close all incisions with self-dissolving sutures. (These sutures will naturally go away over the course of 3-4 weeks without the need for manual removal.) Most labiaplasty operations can be completed in about one hour.

Labiaplasty is a straightforward procedure, but it requires exceptional surgical skill owing to the fragile nature of the tissues involved. Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. David Gerth is extremely important for labiaplasty patients. Dr. Gerth carefully personalizes every labiaplasty he performs to fit each patient’s unique anatomy, ensuring perfect results.

Is Labiaplasty Right for You?

You might be a good candidate for labiaplasty if you’ve experienced any of the following issues:

  • Your labia chafes against skin or clothing when you run, walk, or ride a bike.
  • You find personal care difficult due to the shape of your labia. If your elongated labia is altering the flow of urine, you suffer from frequent urinary infections, or you cannot easily use pads or tampons, you may need a labiaplasty.
  • You sometimes find sexual intercourse painful due to having elongated labial folds, or you experience feelings of self-consciousness during sex.
  • Wearing tight clothing, such as bathing suits, pinches labial tissue and therefore causes you discomfort. You feel limited in the kind of clothes you can wear due to physical discomfort or not liking how your pubic area looks in tight clothing.
  • Your labia changed after childbirth and never regained its prior shape, even though you’re at least six months post-partum.
  • You have lost a significant amount of weight and have loose labial skin as a result. (Note that Dr. Gerth may be able to combine your labiaplasty with tummy tuck surgery to completely rejuvenate your abdomen.)
  • Your labia is noticeably asymmetrical; i.e., one side of your labia minora hangs down much lower than the other.

If you want to have labiaplasty as part of a mommy makeover, we recommend waiting until your family is complete to have this procedure. Though having a labiaplasty won’t alter your ability to have children, pregnancy may stretch your labia, potentially interfering with the results of this surgery.

All labiaplasty patients must be in good overall health and be current non-smokers. Before you have this procedure, you may need to discontinue the use of certain medications. Dr. Gerth will discuss your medical history with you during your consultation and let you know if you need to make any changes prior to having labiaplasty surgery.

What to Expect During Recovery

Labiaplasty recovery is generally swift, and few patients experience complications after having this procedure. Nonetheless, to ensure your comfort and safety, you will need to follow strict instructions while healing. (Dr. Gerth will provide you with a complete guide to labiaplasty recovery before you have surgery.) For the first few days after your operation, you should rest in bed and take pain medication as directed. Some patients also find that applying a cool compress to their pubic area three times per day reduces swelling and irritation. 

Make sure you wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep bending and twisting motions to a minimum during your first week of recovery. You will need to cleanse your labia regularly with a specialized cleanser (which we’ll provide) to prevent infection.

Most women can return to work just one week after having this procedure, but it’s important to avoid exercise and sexual intercourse for another four to six weeks. Dr. Gerth will let you know when you can safely resume all of your normal activities.

Learn More About the Benefits of Labiaplasty with Dr. Gerth in Miami Beach

Labiaplasty can give you your comfort and confidence back, even in the most intimate situations. If you think this procedure might be right for you, contact Dr. David Gerth’s Miami Beach practice to arrange a personal consultation. We look forward to caring for you at our private boutique clinic.

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