Brazilian Butt Lift

Curvaceous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have inspired a beauty treatment trend that emphasizes a woman’s shape– the Brazilian butt lift. This butt lift procedure has become increasingly sought-after in the past several years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ most recent statistics, butt lift surgery experienced a massive 254 percent increase between 2000 and 2017.

If you’re considering this procedure to get a fuller, rounder rear end, it’s essential to know more about what it entails, what makes someone a good candidate, and what results you can expect.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

To understand what has made this procedure explode in popularity over the last several years, it helps to know what the surgery involves and the results it can create. A Brazilian butt lift is different from a traditional buttock augmentation, in that it does not rely on specially designed silicone implants to create a more defined butt. Instead, Brazilian butt lift surgery uses the patient’s body fat to recontour the buttocks for a natural look.

Despite the name, a Brazilian butt lift does not remove the skin from the buttocks, which is something that sets it apart from traditional lifting procedures. Instead, Brazilian butt lifts combine liposuction and buttock augmentation. During this surgery, Dr. David Gerth extracts excess fat from an area such as the hips, stomach, or thighs and transfers it to the butt.

By strategically redistributing fat, Dr. Gerth can not only help patients obtain a shapelier butt; he can also reshape common trouble areas such as the waist, abdomen, and upper back, improving the proportions of the entire body. The result is typically an accentuated hourglass silhouette.

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What Is Involved in a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Now that you know what makes the Brazilian butt lift such an effective procedure, it’s easy to see why so many people are seeking this surgery to get the sexy shape they’ve always wanted. But what does this technique entail?

A Brazilian butt lift involves three basic steps:

  • While you are under anesthesia, Dr. Gerth will remove excess fat from areas like the hips, back, thighs, or “love handles” with liposuction.
  • The extracted fat then gets purified and prepared for transfer.
  • Dr. Gerth will inject the purified fat into specific points on the buttocks to increase volume and improve shape and projection.

Knowing that not all fat cells will survive the transplant process, Dr. Gerth will take this into account and may initially inject slightly more fat into the buttocks than is necessary to achieve your desired results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Many patients understandably want to improve their shape and confidence with a butt lift procedure, but you must meet specific criteria to qualify for this surgery.

If you’re exploring your options for a Brazilian butt lift, your first step is to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Gerth. At this initial appointment, he will ask you questions about what you hope to achieve and decide if you have any health concerns or other risk factors that might make you a better candidate for a different procedure. Here are some characteristics that might mean you are ready to get Brazilian butt lift surgery:

  • You are a non-smoker in excellent overall health.
  • Your butt is flat or asymmetrical.
  • You wish to add volume or definition to your butt and have not been able to achieve your desired enhancements through exercise and nutrition.
  • You are committed to maintaining your results after surgery by staying within your target weight.
  • Your lifestyle allows you to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for several weeks while you recover fully from the surgery.
  • You have adequate deposits of easily accessible fat elsewhere on your body to use for the transfer. If you are too lean, you will either need to gain weight to qualify for a Brazilian butt lift or consider another option.
  • You have the correct body shape to create natural-looking butt lift results. Dr. Gerth can help you decide if your frame and anatomy will make it proportionally appropriate to add volume to your backside.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Results

Dr. Gerth can perform a Brazilian butt lift as outpatient surgery, allowing you to return home afterward to begin your recovery process. Immediately after your surgery, you can expect bruising and swelling around your backside, as well as from the areas where Dr. Gerth harvested the fat cells to inject into your butt.

Though you will want to get plenty of rest as you recover, including avoiding strenuous physical activity, you shouldn’t expect to stay in bed all day. Light walking around your home is a healthy part of your recovery process and can help with your circulation. You will be able to resume higher-impact exercise six to eight weeks after your procedure, if your transplanted fat cells have stabilized.

The most critical factor in your recovery process will be to avoid sitting or lying directly on your butt for several weeks after your Brazilian butt lift. During this time, you will need to sleep on your stomach or side, and either remain standing or lying down for all activities except using the toilet. For times when it’s essential for you to sit, you will need to use a special doughnut-shaped pillow or inflatable cushion to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks and reducing blood flow to the area, which could affect your long-term results.

You’ll be able to resume sitting normally after six to eight weeks, or when Dr. Gerth clears you to do so. Assuming your job is not strenuous, you should be able to return to work within two weeks of getting a Brazilian butt lift.

If you follow all your postsurgical instructions carefully and maintain stable body weight, you should be able to enjoy the results of your Brazilian butt lift for many years to come. Fat cells removed with liposuction will not return to the area, and the fat cells that survive the transfer to the buttocks will remain there.

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Brazilian butt lift surgery is an in-demand procedure that can provide voluptuous, rounded curves and a reshaped rear view. However, you should be selective in choosing a surgeon to perform this surgery. Not all cosmetic surgeons receive the specialized training in fat transfer techniques that this surgery requires.

Dr. David Gerth’s keen eye for aesthetic detail and extensively honed surgical skills have made him Miami’s leading provider of Brazilian butt lift surgery. To decide if this fashionable procedure is right for you, contact our South Florida practice today.

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