Over time, our faces tell the story of our lives – from the joys and triumphs to the challenges and tragedies. Humans have highly mobile, expressive features that often make it easy to tell what someone is thinking or feeling, but you may find the common signs of aging are adversely affecting your self-esteem or holding you back from opportunities.

The good news is, your wrinkles and fine lines no longer must be indelible marks. Leading Miami Beach cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Gerth can deliver long-lasting age-defying results with Restylane®, a revolutionary product that has benefited thousands of patients around the world.

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What Is Restylane®?

Restylane® is an injectable dermal filler that has been FDA-approved since 2003. The key ingredient in its unique gel formula is hyaluronic acid, a substance our bodies naturally produce. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it has an outstanding capacity to attract and retain moisture. However, our cells produce less of this substance as we age, leading to volume loss and the formation of wrinkles.

Restylane® has a higher success and satisfaction rate for reducing wrinkles than other minimally invasive skin care options such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Injecting hyaluronic acid improves the skin’s moisture barrier while simultaneously stimulating more collagen and elastin for smoother skin that bounces back more readily.

By using tiny needles to place precise amounts of Restylane® gel into targeted areas of your skin, Dr. Gerth can plump areas that have lost volume and begun to look gaunt or bony, including cheeks, lips, and the backs of hands. Restylane® is also excellent for filling moderate to deep wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds, or “parentheses lines,” as well as laugh lines and marionette lines.

The Restylane® Procedure

Restylane® injections are a quick in-office procedure that typically takes less than an hour, depending on the extent of the treatment. Here’s what you can expect during your visit:

  • After selecting specific injection points to treat each desired location, Dr. Gerth will then identify the correct amount of Restylane to use to improve your appearance.
  • Dr. Gerth will inject the filler beneath your skin. Over the next week, you will continue to see improved results as the hyaluronic acid in the filler begins adhering to the skin, helping retain volume under the surface.

The Restylane® product line includes several different formulations to meet different needs, including Restylane® Lyft and Restylane® Silk. During an in-person consultation at our Miami Beach office, you can talk with Dr. Gerth to learn more about your options and which one is best for resolving your specific cosmetic concerns.

Types of Restylane®

When to Consider Restylane®

As with all cosmetic procedures, the decision to get Restylane treatment is highly personal, and you should only pursue it after carefully thinking about your goals and talking with a qualified, board-certified cosmetic injector such as Dr. Gerth.

There is no “ideal age” for Restylane injections. However, younger patients with less advanced aging may turn to Restylane to address mild to moderate facial wrinkling and help delay the need for more invasive approaches such as a facelift. Patients with fast-paced lifestyles who aren’t ready to commit to a recovery process may also opt for injectable fillers, since they allow people to pick up where they left off soon after getting their in-office procedure done.

Restylane® Recovery, Risks, and Results

One factor that has contributed to the increasing popularity of dermal fillers like Restylane® is how easily treatment fits into today’s on-the-go schedules. Dr. Gerth provides the injections during a brief, in-office procedure. Immediately after your treatment, you may apply makeup, and return to work and your typical day-to-day schedule.

Biocompatible fillers like Restylane® come with only minimal risk of side effects. The most common are temporary and typically include minor swelling, bruising, redness, discomfort, and itching. These issues should resolve themselves within a few days after your procedure, if not sooner. If desired, you can use ice packs to help manage any swelling you experience.

Because Restylane®’s formula is based on a naturally occurring substance, your body will gradually absorb it as time goes by. Though the results are not permanent, many patients report they last between six months to more than one year, and it is easy to maintain your appearance with periodic touch-up treatments.

Restylane® Treatments in Miami Beach

Injectable dermal fillers can succeed where countless topical skin care products no longer live up to your expectations. The lasting results will allow you to enjoy a more youthful look with minimal upkeep.

Dr. Gerth takes pride in personally performing all cosmetic injectable treatments in his South Florida clinic to ensure consistently outstanding results. By using his extensive knowledge of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and anatomy, he can inject precisely the right amount of Restylane® into targeted areas to provide comprehensive volumnization and rejuvenation without the need for surgery.

Restylane® treatments with Dr. Gerth can help you look as young as you feel. Call our South Florida clinic to take the next step in getting the facts about improving your self-esteem and rediscovering healthy, refreshed skin.

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