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Effectively tackling the signs of facial aging requires a multifaceted approach. Though firming the skin is an important first step, adjusting the connective tissue and fat pads that support the face is just as essential. In the past, those objectives could only be achieved with invasive surgical techniques, like facelift, brow lift, and neck lift surgery. This lack of choices left patients concerned about scarring or downtime with few options for comprehensive, long-lasting facial rejuvenation. Today, Dr. David Gerth uses FaceTite – a revolutionary non-surgical tissue remodeling system – to help these patients achieve a flawlessly youthful look.

If you’re ready to look revitalized but don’t think surgery is right for you, contact our Miami Beach clinic to learn more about FaceTite.

How FaceTite Works

The FaceTite system employs radio frequency (RF) technology to gently sculpt facial tissue without lengthy incisions, discomfort, or downtime. RF energy has been used in medicine since the 1920s, so we know it’s both safe and powerful, even when used for many years. Cosmetically, RF energy has become a popular way to melt unwanted fat and stimulate the natural regeneration of skin-tightening compounds, including collagen and elastin. Unlike other methods of non-surgical skin resurfacing, RF treatments do not cause skin flaking or peeling, and they’re generally non-irritating.

FaceTite harnesses the power of RF energy to dramatically improve skin tone and facial composition: This procedure smooths out deep wrinkles and lifts sagging facial features while preserving a natural look. At our Miami Beach clinic, patients use FaceTite to make the following cosmetic changes:

-Raise drooping brows and cheeks to a more youthful position.

-Eliminate distracting creases, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and smile lines.

-Slim and lift the lower face and neck. Like a neck lift, FaceTite can get rid of jowls and loose, hanging neck skin.

FaceTite can be used anywhere above the neck, and in some cases, it can be used on small areas of the body as well. When you visit us for a consultation, Dr. Gerth will discuss the potential applications, benefits, and limitations of this procedure with you. Then, he’ll develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals.

About the FaceTite Procedure

When performing FaceTite, Dr. Gerth begins by numbing the treatment area with a local anesthetic. Then, he makes micro-incisions behind the patient’s ears and below the patient’s chin. These tiny incisions won’t cause scarring or soreness, but they do permit the insertion of specialized probes that emit RF energy. By taking this approach, Dr. Gerth prevents RF energy from being absorbed or blocked by the surface of the skin.

When RF energy is directed below the skin during FaceTite, it produces gentle warmth that saturates subcutaneous fat and connective tissue. This heat activates dormant fibroblasts within the skin, triggering the body’s innate healing mechanisms. In response, these fibroblasts produce a surge of collagen and elastin, which immediately start tightening and strengthening aged, damaged skin and connective tissue.

The heat created by RF energy also breaks down the lipids inside fat cells (without harming surrounding tissue), effectively shrinking the size of facial fat deposits that have shifted or become undesirably prominent over time. FaceTite can slim the lower cheeks, jowls, and neck to create a more striking, youthful profile.

Most people only need one, hour-long FaceTite appointment to achieve their desired results. This procedure can be used on its own, or it can be paired with other non-surgical treatments, like Botox and dermal fillers. Enhancing the cheeks with dermal filler injections while slimming the lower face with FaceTite is an especially effective way to lift the face and give it a more oval shape. 

Recovering from FaceTite

After having FaceTite, you may need to wear a compression garment for up to 48 hours. After this garment is removed, most patients can resume their normal activities, though some choose to rest for a few days. It’s normal to notice mild swelling and redness after having FaceTite, but this procedure has not been associated with any serious side effects.

How Long Do the Results of FaceTite Last?

FaceTite creates an immediate lift, but not all of its benefits are obvious right away. Most patients notice continued improvements in the firmness of their skin over the course of six to twelve weeks following treatment. Once your results become fully evident, you can expect them to last for about five years. However, fat that is removed with this procedure usually stays gone forever (the body doesn’t typically regenerate fat cells).

To maintain the results of FaceTite, we recommend keeping your weight stable, eating a healthy diet, avoiding sun exposure, and not smoking. Taking these steps will reduce stress on your skin and preserve collagen stores, thereby slowing down the aging process.

How Effective is FaceTite?

According to initial clinical trials, FaceTite typically produces a 40-50% increase in skin tightness, coupled with the permanent elimination of unwanted facial fat. This procedure is consistently effective for patients between the ages of 45-65 who display mild to moderate signs of facial aging. Patients over the age of 65 may benefit more profoundly from surgical techniques, like facelift surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Gerth will thoroughly examine your face and let you know whether or not you’re a good candidate for FaceTite.

Arrange a FaceTite Consultation in Miami Beach, Florida

FaceTite is the most comfortable and convenient way to instantly lift 5-7 years off your face. If you’re ready to try this innovative non-surgical facelift from InMode, contact Dr. David Gerth to start your transformation. You can reach our dedicated team of experts in Miami Beach via our website or by phone at: (305) 493-8340.

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