4 Important Breast Augmentation Considerations for Runners

Are your runs ruining your breasts? Running is an excellent way to burn calories and stay fit. Burning calories shrinks fat cells, and for many runners, that means smaller breasts too. The breasts are largely fat, and when you’re lean from running, you may find your breast size disappointing. 

If you want bigger breasts, breast augmentation surgery is often the solution. An implant is placed into the breast to add volume and improve breast contours. The procedure is safe and highly effective. 

Runners that are considering cosmetic breast surgery should pay attention to the following considerations to ensure that their new breasts won’t compromise their favorite pastime.

Placement: Over or Under the Pectoral Muscle

Breast implants are placed over or under the pectoral muscle. There are benefits to both placement options and Dr. Gerth will discuss these in detail during your consultation. 

Runners often choose an over the muscle placement for their breast implants. This placement preserves the strength of the pectoral muscle and allows for a more natural breast movement. Recovery is generally easier after an over the muscle placement, allowing patients to get back to exercise and running sooner.

Breast Implant Size

Size matters. If you choose a breast implant that is too small, you will likely be underwhelmed by your results and disappointed in your new look. Go too big and your ability to run may be compromised. Dr. Gerth will work with you to find a breast implant size that will provide an optimal aesthetic benefit while retaining your athletic abilities. 

We’ll carefully measure the size of your chest wall, choosing an implant that is appropriately sized. When an implant’s base is too large, it can impede side to side arm movement, making it more difficult to run with proper form. 

Breast implants can also be heavy. Imagine running around with five-pound weights strapped to your chest. It’s uncomfortable and difficult. Choosing a small or moderate-sized implant can alleviate the problems associated with overly large, heavy breasts.

Choice of Surgeon

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when preparing for breast augmentation is finding a surgeon. Your surgeon will determine the outcome of your procedure. Their experience is invaluable when choosing implants, incision locations, and placement options. 

Choose a plastic surgeon that performs many breast augmentation procedures each year and that regularly works with athletic women.

Downtime and Recovery

When you’re a runner, missing a day at the track feels weird and missing a week is practically torture. After breast augmentation, you’ll need to scale back your physical activity temporarily. We ask our patients to avoid running until Dr. Gerth gives the go-ahead, usually at least four to six weeks after surgery. Listen to our recommendations and don’t return to exercise before you’re ready. Running too soon after surgery can lead to complications. 

As you return to running and exercise, take things slowly. Start with gentle walks and build up your distance and pace over time. 

Small breasts can be an unintended consequence of frequent running. Get the feminine breasts you desire through breast augmentation surgery. Call Dr. David Gerth at 305-493-8340 to schedule a consultation.

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