How to Evaluate Breast Augmentation Surgeons Through Their Before-and-After Photos

Reviewing before-and-after photos is a crucial part of choosing a plastic surgeon. Looking at examples of a surgeon’s past work will help you gauge their skill and form realistic expectations for your procedure. You’ll also be able to assess whether or not the surgeon is a good fit for you in terms of aesthetics. 

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4 Things to Look for in Breast Augmentation Before-and-After Photos

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for unscrupulous providers to steal images of successful breast augmentations from the internet, so you should never take attractive photos as a guarantee of expertise without the right accompanying credentials. Before you look at a surgeon’s before-and-after photos, you should always verify that they have received certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certification by the ABPS ensures a surgeon has received extensive training and operates only in safe, accredited surgical facilities.

Once you know a surgeon has the requisite skills and experience to perform breast augmentation procedures, assess the following qualities when looking at their before-and-after photos.

1. Has the Surgeon Operated On Someone With Your Body Type Before?

Your body type heavily influences the kind of breast implants that will look best on you. Breast implants that create stunning results on curvy women with substantial existing breast tissue may look unnatural on thin, small-breasted women, for example. Your height, the width of your chest cavity, and the placement of your pectoral muscles are also essential determining factors when selecting breast implants. For best results, you should make sure the surgeon you’re assessing has successfully operated on other patients close to your height, weight, and build type.

2. How Many Breast Augmentations Has the Surgeon Performed?

Ideally, the surgeon you choose should have experience operating on numerous patients with different body types. The more experienced a surgeon is, the better prepared they will be to meet your unique needs.

3. How well does the surgeon perform in terms of breast symmetry?

Breast unevenness is one of the most common reasons women seek revision surgery after augmentation. When reviewing before-and-after photos, look for consistently symmetrical results.

4. Does the surgeon place incisions carefully?

Scarring is a normal side effect after any invasive surgery, but breast augmentation scars should be small and hidden within the inframammary fold (the crease below each breast). If you notice lengthy or prominent scars in photos of a surgeon’s work, you should explore other options.

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Talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to learn which breast implants will flatter your figure. A surgeon can also tell you what to expect before and after breast augmentation surgery, including how to care for your breasts while they’re healing. If you’re ready to learn more about breast augmentation, contact Dr. David Gerth in Miami Beach to arrange your one-on-one consultation.

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