Best Reasons To Undergo Rhinoplasty in the Summer

Summertime brings out the best in us: We smile more, socialize more, and enjoy more free time during the warmer months. Many of us also find it easier to make positive lifestyle changes when the sun is shining, such as getting regular exercise, eating better, and making cosmetic improvements. If rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) is on your personal list of must-have procedures, you’ll be glad to know that summer is the ideal time to pursue your goal. 

4 Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Have Rhinoplasty

 1. You’ll have plenty of time to rest and recover.

Rhinoplasty recovery is usually fairly brief. Modern rhinoplasty methods limit tissue damage by using precision tools to gently manipulate the plates of bone in the nose, so most patients feel better after a week or two. Still, because the nose is located close to the eyes, it’s normal for patients to see visible bruising and mild swelling around their eyes for a few weeks after having this procedure. Scheduling your rhinoplasty in the summer will allow you to use your normal vacation time to rest indoors until these symptoms have abated.

 2. There are fewer colds and flus to deal with in the summer.

Though soreness during rhinoplasty recovery is usually minimal, irritation and swelling inside the nasal passages may make you feel “stuffed up” for a couple of weeks. During the winter months, when colds and flus are common, this sensation may be greatly worsened by the effects of viruses. Viruses can also slow down the healing process. By having rhinoplasty surgery in the summer, you’ll reduce your risk of virus-related discomfort and other complications. 

 3. You may find it easier to keep your procedure confidential during the summer.

Summer is a time for travel: Students return home for summer vacation and professionals visit distant relatives or enjoy some much-needed rest in far-flung locations. As such, you may be away from many of your friends and work colleagues during this season, making it easier to keep your decision to have rhinoplasty private. You can reveal the good news when you’ve completely recovered and feel ready to show your new nose off to the world. 

 4. You’ll be able to enjoy your new nose all summer long.

Just three to four weeks after having rhinoplasty, your nose will look and feel better than ever. Any swelling or bruising you experienced will be a thing of the past, leaving you free to socialize, snap selfies, and enjoy your summer vacation with renewed confidence. Summer is a season of celebration, after all, so why not embrace it by redefining your best features?

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